Press Release

March 7, 2017

Hip Hope, Inc. Bo James, CEO Contact at: 515/729-7671

Contact The Jane Foundation, Jane Magers at 515/280-5129.


The Jane Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, with a goal of enriching the lives of children and youth living in poverty areas of Des Moines, is transferring its operations to Hip Hope, Inc., which provides similar services. The Jane Foundation, Inc. was established in September 2011 through a generous gift by Dr. M. Jane Bibber. The organization’s Co-Founder and Director is Jane E. Magers, a professional educator and longtime community activist, who for 30 years has been devoted to providing opportunities to the underserved, especially in the inner city of Des Moines. Areas served include King, Monroe and Moulton elementary schools and the middle and high schools of the area.

Hip-Hope Inc. helps youth find their purpose within their passions and talents then supports them in making their passions their priority. They believe that when youth operate within their purpose they will thrive in their pursuit of happiness. Their vision is confident and competent youth contributing to the success of Iowa’s culture resulting in a safer and more vibrant community.

The purpose of the transfer is to carry on the legacy of The Jane Foundation. Many JF music and mentoring programs as well as “The Jane Foundation Scholarship” will continue. The transfer is bitter-sweet yet both organizations are excited to finalize the process and move forward.

Children and youth from preschool through college graduates will perform.

Hip-Hope Inc. will be honoring JF’s unsung heroes, and JF will be passing the baton on Saturday March 25, 2017.from 2 – 4 p.m. The ceremony will be at Corinthian Church. On 9th St., south of the freeway. All are invited to join both organizations as they commemorate their efforts to ensure that “HOPE GOES ON…” RSVP to 729-7671 to be sure of getting refreshments.